Costa Rica: Pura Vida

By Amelie LeBlanc


Hi my name is Amelie, I go to Greenwood Elementary in Seattle, Washington. I just went to Costa Rica so I’m writing a report of what happened to me on the trip. When we first got there, we drove to a hotel in San Jose. We saw a sword thrower, the swords were huge!  For example, they were bigger than a watermelon. After that, we drove to our first hotel. At out first hotel, we got some rest. In the morning, we had a buffet by the pool. My mom had some problems with the waffle maker. For breakfast, I had only waffles and fruit, nothing big. After that, I got to go in the pool. They had a swim up bar, it was funny. Next, we got the car it, was a white Suziki that we named Tundra. We drove to a hotel right next to a volcano that had hot springs, we got a good night sleep that night. In the morning, I went to the spa with my mom for a facial. It was like not even ten minutes, but was still relaxing. After that short spa, we went to the hot springs. it was a very fun time. We went from the top to the bottom of seven different hot springs until we found the best one, the sixth. It was pretty big so I could jump in it. But like most pools or in this case hot springs, you could not dive. After playing in the hot springs for a little while. we got a quick lunch. Next, we went back to our hotel to relax in our own hot tub. After relaxing, we went to bed. In the morning we had to leave. I was very let down. That day we went to the hanging bridges. There were six hanging bridges in all. We started going. The nature was amazing. We first saw this plant called ‘don’t touch me’ if you touch it will go down to sleep. We were moving again. For a while it was boring.  But then we saw a viper. The viper scared me, I was terrified. Then, we saw in its hole the most scary spider: the tarantula. After that death line, we saw the first bridge. I’m scared of heights, so it was not fun. Then it started going. Every ten minutes we would see a bridge. When we were at the maybe fourth bridge we saw a bat. My dad does not like bats. It was very fun seeing a bat. Then we started going again when I thought it was over, I saw a sloth. It was so cute. It was just lying there. We went on the last bridge when we saw a baby and it’s mom sloth! The baby was super cute. We started to go again we ended the tour looking at a live volcano. It was sunny that day.  We drove four hours to get to our next hotel. That hotel had two ponds. There was one with a koi in it (koi is a type of fish) when we got to the hotel it was Thanksgiving. That night we saw a scorpion. Here is the story: me and my dad were laying on the bed. I looked over and there was a scorpion. So I said ‘dad, there’s a scorpion’ he was like ‘Amelie stop joking around’ so worried I said ‘ NO DAD THERE’S A SCORPION! He took the book and slammed the book on it. The next day we took a quick hike. After that we went zip lining. And no not an every day zipline. I did 10. I did the longest one in Latin America. When we got back, we got dinner. Then went to bed. In the morning, we left we went to captain suizo  When we  got there, I dived in the pool. I must have done 10 backflips and front flips. We had great food that night. The next day, when I woke up, I boogie boarded all day. The next morning, I took a walk on the beach with my mom and dad. It was so hot. We boogie boarded again the rest of the day that day we saw raccoon, a huge iguana, and monkeys. The next day we went to peace lodge, it had two hot tubs in our room. They had placed our last night nicely on the door. We had a waterfall in our bathroom. That night, we got to go on a frog tour. We saw a see through frog, we saw many frogs. In the morning, we got to see toucans, hawks, humming birds, parrots, monkeys, wild cats, sloths, and butter flies. I got to feed the toucans, sloths, and hummingbirds. Then we had to leave. The plane was delayed we were going to get to LA at one o’clock in the morning. Thank you.

Martin LeBlanc