The LBC Action Story



What does

LBC stand for?

 I founded LBC Action in 2018 as a way to help mission-driven organizations make a positive impact on communities and our planet. Starting LBC Action was a way to continue a journey that began in 1998 when I first discovered the joy, the challenges, and the rewards of working collaboratively on important issues that affect people's lives. 




The fierce urgency of now



People often ask what LBC stands for. They wonder if it’s a short version of my last name. That is part of the story. I am proud of my name after all. It belongs to my grandfather, who lived an incredible life. To my parents who raised me. To my family - the LeBlanc Zoo.

I have always been moved by Martin Luther King's statement about the fierce urgency of now and his call for vigorous and positive action. I believe action should be vigorous and positive. I also believe action has to be collaborative. No one organization, and no one person, can lift up our world alone.

So what does LBC stand for? It stands for every collaboration, every partnership, every family I have been a part of. It stands for positive social change. For collective impact. For communities coming together. Let's confront the fierce urgency of now together today.